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Sketch City. (contact Theatre) 18th March 2007

Entering the space some considerable time after the 4 o'clock start I wandered into the very special soundscape of Zacc Rogers, a virtuoso gee-tar player who's obviously visited the crossroads and sold his soul to someone. Inspired use of the frequently clichéd loop pedal allows him to generate a rhythmic backdrop to his peculiar brand of slide guitar hillbilly funk. This guy seriously rocks, and who else could have led a house full of hip hop heads in a sing-along of "She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain". The Sketch City folk embraced the passion and clapped their hands in rhythm. Yee Haa.



The Greystones. Sheffield  6th July 2011

Zacc Rogers’ blues is a fusion of classic 12-bar with American street -blues, and a dash of folk. Rogers was an incredible frontman, not only entertaining the Greystones but also educating them on blues history.



The Chapel Fallowfield March 2009

Zacc Rogers, all alone up there, tears through genres like Shakespeare tore through the English language.




Kendal Calling Festival, 29th July 2011:

Zacc drew in the crowd and stunned us all. A one man display of amazing music talent. Looping,

singing, guitar playing all combining to mesmerise. I swear this guy would get a tune out of the earth alone.


Blues, Jazz, Yee Ha and more from this one man melting pot of raw talent. Guitars, vocals and loops combine to produce a foot stomping, belly tingling, down n dirty vibe.

(Des Songsmith, Solar Basterfield)


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